Arkwater Singapore is in the business of providing water filters and:

water filters Singapore


Arkwater is an expert in Water filters Singapore as well as in countries where clean water is lacking. Pte Ltd is the official Singapore based distributor for Coldstream water filters based in U.K.

We offer professional installation services, and you can rest easy knowing that we’ll do all the plumbing, drilling and fitting to ensure that your Coldstream® product fits perfectly into your kitchen.

We also have a great inventory of water filter products for industrial purposes. Do contact us if you have a specific need. We provide friendly products consultation.

The water industry is never stagnant. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge water technologies for you to adopt.

We bring 19 years of experience in the industry to the market. Let us help you find a unique solution for your specific water needs today.

We are also happy to partner with you in your humanitarian efforts with our humanitarian range of solutions. Use our experience and expertise to find out more about how you can bring clean water to places that need them in the most convenient way.

We are geared for the real world outside of Singapore. Portable, modular, and efficient – our systems hit the ground running – and have impacted thousands of lives through various teams. Any established charitable organisation or team may approach us for discounts on all our systems and parts.
Go fight the good fight.

Arkwater – Water Filters Singapore is your preferred partner to ensure clean water accessibility, wherever you may be. We have been providing reliable water technology in Southeast Asia for more than 19 years and will continue to commit to this cause.